Shoe Repair in Kolkata in Your Budget

shoe-repair-8Was the monsoon harsh on your footwear this year? Rather than discarding your shoes, send them over to Rajdoot shoe repair for cost-effective shoe repairing solution. Come to us with your old shoes and enjoy the ultimate joy of shoe wearing. Get your favorite footwear repaired as we make sure you stay comfy in them all day long. Renew your closet with our expertise and create your own style statement.

Does your sports shoe need resoling? Need to recondition the uppers? Resole, repair hooks, replace laces, eyelets and get minor stitching or welting if needed. Whether the cork layer under the insole needs attention or a full leather conditioning, we are a few steps away from keeping your shoes in top condition.

Put your trust in Rajdoot shoe repair and experience unparalleled craftsmanship, competitive prices, customer friendly services and quick delivery. High quality and affordable repair work on shoes for men and women in Kolkata. We take pride in recognizing ourselves on being able to work on all kinds of leathers.

With our updated repairing techniques, we make sure your footwear flaunts style every time you step out in them. Understanding the value of your time, we provide one-step shoe repair for men online under a single roof, also taking it easy on your budget. As the largest shoe repairing company in Kolkata, our task is not only restricted up to cleaning and refurbishing your shoes, but it also consists of restoring, polishing, dry cleaning and stitching all types of shoes ranging from boots, sandals, high heels, flip flops, slippers, etc.

As the leading store that repairs shoes online, we always stand behind our products while guaranteeing your satisfaction. Whatever your old footwear requires, come to us if you want your existing shoes back in their new gloss again. Send us your box of damaged footwear and within no time get back a pair as good as new.


Looking for Orthopedic Shoes Manufacturer in Kolkata?

slider6Create your exclusive style statement with the trendiest shoes in town. Rajdoot shoe repair is the one-step solution for all your shoe-repairing needs.

Repair All Type of Shoes:

Browse through our wide range of women shoes repair Kolkata and keep wearing your unique stilettos, slip-ons, high heels, block heels, platform heels, wedges, boots and juttis. Get stylish with our modern tool collection for all age groups. Pair your ethnic kurti or lehenga with that traditional jutti or kolhapuri in your closet. Re-lace them or re-stitch them at Rajddot shoe repairs. Accessorize your party dress with the stylish noodle-strap or thong sandals and be the talk of the town. Never get out of style and keep wearing your favorite shoes with Rajdoot.

Take It Easy On Your Pockets:

Understanding the value of your time and money, we breathe life inti your old shoes by repairing them, thus keeping you away from shopping malls. Take it easy on your pocket and enjoy wearing your old footwear again and again. All of our women shoe repair in Kolkata are done by machines which provides perfect fixing of your old footwear. We are recognized for our out of the box thinking to repair your old shoes and keep you out of shopping malls. Our efforts are aimed at keeping the earth green by minimizing wastage of repairable shoes.

Orthopedic Shoes in Kolkata:

All our efforts are towards providing comfortable footwear so that you can stay in your shoes the entire day. We understand the special care your feet need, and have become the leading orthopedic shoes manufacturer in Kolkata. Our specially formulated footwear provides great support, reduces foot pain and equalizes mobility by increasing blood flow. Get shoes that are easy to wear and walk.

For all the shoes in your closet waiting to get repaired, Rajdoot has got the perfect solution. Keep wearing your favorite shoes without getting conscious about their looks. Drop your box of old shoes and take a tour of the town. Come back and get a pair as good as new.

Affordable and Hassle-free Shoe Laundry in Kolkata

Shoe Laundry In KolkataThinking about discarding your damaged shoes? Gift your shoes a new lease of life with Rajdoot Shoe Repairs. Get permanent repairs for your leather, canvas or rubber boots.

Walking with a hole in your sole? Get your old shoes fixed. Make them waterproof and tough with our excellent shoe repairing in Kolkata.

Look gorgeous in your favorite pair while experiencing the highest level of skill and performance with the largest shoe laundry in Kolkata. From zipper replacing, stain removing, shoe stretching, leather reconditioning to sole changing, you can blindly trust us for all your shoe repairing needs.

Beat the effects of monsoon and bring life back into your shoes with quality shoe repairing in Kolkata. The majority of damaged shoes of the urban population in Kolkata are treated by our specialists who carefully analyze and find out the exact care your shoes require.

Make your newly repaired shoes last with our fixing straps, changing buckles, leather reconditioning, high-heel shoe tips, protective soles and waterproofing. Bring your unwearable shoes and let us change the inner sole and sock liner or put heel liners when the shoe is loose. Add paddling to your old footwear to make them fit tighter.

Join us in our initiative in keeping the earth cleaner, safer and healthier place by reusing your old shoes. At Rajdoot we put all our cobbling knowledge to use and keep you out of malls. When you decide to reuse your old pair of boots, shoes, high heels, platform shoes, sandals, etc., you not only take it easy on your pockets but also contribute towards saving the environment.

Bringing your shoes at Rajdoot is similar to shoe shopping in your closet itself. Don’t let a worn out heel or torn Velcro stop you from flaunting your expensive pair of shoes. Our services range from resoling, washing, cleaning, polishing, dry cleaning, leather care supplies, sock liners, arch supports, adhesives, etc. Get your shoes repaired by those who love mending and cobbling by heart. At Rajdoot we used only high quality materials to extend the life of your exclusive footwear. By utilizing your shoes again and again with options like repair shoes online, you not only save money, but also help in keeping the environment greener.

Online Shoe Repair for Men in Kolkata at Rajdoot

Shoe_Pictures_002.30613027_stdLooking for ways to maintain the investment you have made in your quality footwear? Send them over to Rajdoot and get online shoe repair services in a fast and convenient manner. From dying, cleaning and custom shoe repairing, we do everything necessary to make your footwear look like new again. Your old shoes are handled by our experienced staff who have extensive training and knowledge regarding shoe material and footwear construction, each bringing their unique skills to make sure we live by our online reputation by providing you with the best shoes repair for men Kolkata.

At Rajdoot we understand that it is paramount for you to dress up in your favorite pair of shoes. We provide the regular care necessary to prolong the life and beauty of your footwear. Revive the charm of your old footwear with Rajdoot Shoe Repairs. As the largest company for shoes repair for women online in Kolkata, we ensure to make your heels, boots, shoes, sandals, sports shoes or trekking shoes look brand new again.

Mend your old shoes with sole pasting, full-sole replacement, re-coloring, heels replacement, heels tip replacement, collar replacement, toe replacement or heel layer replacement. Our wide range of footwear services for shoes repair for men online include dry cleaning, inner sole replacement, stitching, half net replacement, net replacement with base, shoe patch, lace replacement and rivets replacement.

If your footwear needs sole replacement, send them over to Rajdoot. Choose the thickness of the sole and we will have it stitched or pasted to suit your unique needs. Experience shoe repair craftsmanship with Rajdoot Shoe Repairs. It doesn’t matter where you live, your box of repaired shoes will be delivered right at your doorstep. Let Rajdoot bring your old shoes back to life. We excel in repairing ballet shoes, platform shoes, stilettoes, platform shoes, sandals, etc.

Online Shoe Repairs at Your Doorstep

birros-shoe-repair-gluing-sWE LOVE REPAIRING OLD SHOES:

At Rajdoot we are in love with your shoes, and with the help of our team of trained and certified professionals we happen to be the leading house in Shoe repairing in Kolkata by repairing and maintaining your old pair of shoes. We not only clean and refurbish your shoes, but also restore, repair, stitch and polish your old pair of shoes. With decades of experience in footwear services, we boast of our ability to repair all types of shoes ranging from boots, heels, sandals, slippers, etc. We are experts in adding value to your already valued possession.


Our cost effective techniques never compromise with the quality of our service. Once you place an order with us, our experts evaluate your shoes and provide you with an estimate for your repairs. Once done with the repairing, our experts will check the pair thoroughly before it is passed over for polishing or dry cleaning. Pictures of the final product is sent to you, and only after receiving positive feedback, we dispatch the shoes for delivery. We specialize in removing stains from your shoes. Visit Rajdoot Shoe Repair for shoe laundry in Kolkata.


As the leading name in Shoe repairing in Kolkata, we aim to minimize wastage by breathing life into your shoes again. We repair leather shoes, and offer services in re-lacing, re-heeling, dry cleaning, sole pasting, shoe-net replacement, shoe-patch repair, inner sole replacement, lace rivets replacement and mend your favorite pair in an eco-friendly manner. to help keep the earth clean, we try out best to save your bucks by keeping you out of shopping malls.

Buy trendy shoes in Kolkata: Create your own style statement

Shoe RepairBuy best quality shoes for men online. Choose from our wide variety of styles and affordable price. Add shine to your look with Rajdoot shoes.


Need shoes to attend picnic, party or wedding? We are the one-step destination for all shoe lovers out there. Satiate your love for shoes and pick the right pair of footwear from hundreds of shoes all under one roof. Rajdoot shoes offers a large variety of different types of footwear in all sizes. Gone are the days when you had to wander from shop to shop trying to get that best pair for yourself. Click and shop online within minutes to buy shoes for men online and shoes for women online. We specialize in formal shoes, casual shoes, ethnic shoes, sports shoes, bridal shoes for both sexes.


We make sure your footwear flaunts style every time you step out in them. Compliment your attire with our realistic, affordable prices which make us the leading brand in shoes for men Kolkata. We do not want to exhaust your bank account, and aim to fulfil your shopping desires by providing quality products within your budget. We understand the value of your time, hence our glitch-free site assures hassel-free smooth online purchase to facilitate your shopping experience. Pick from our wide range of fashionable & savvy footwear at amazing prices.


Rajddot shoes covets comfort and style to provide you with the ultimate joy and comfort of shoe-wearing. We recognize that a comfortable pair of shoes is compulsory for you to stay in them all day long. We provide the latest trends while making sure you stay comfy every time you are in them. Understanding your changing needs, we have shoes for every season and every occasion. Renew your closet with office shoes, party shoes, sports shoes, hiking shoes, trekking shoes, etc. Shop and be known for your unique sense of style!

Why Shoe Repair is an Eco Friendly Choice?

3a81473021c1c07f33c9f002b4b1dd27Going green is not just the newest global trend, but is also a necessity for our beloved Earth. With more and more people espousing environmentally-friendly habits, the idea of rejecting shoes that are slightly worn-out may not seem like a very good idea. Kolkata is coming forward as one of the most environmentally conscious cities and its citizens gladly embracing shoe repair services, instead of purchasing a new one every time.

Leather is made of highly toxic chemicals

Not only for environment, but leather is also harmful tothe workers who prepare leather shoes or bags as the skin of cow is processed through highly toxic chemicals. As you throw away your shoes, they mix with the soil and natural water bodies. The harmful chemicals contaminate soil and water to a great extent. Hence, the more you recycle leather shoes the more good it will do to the environment.

Shoe repairing provides scope for employment

For many people, exceptional shoes are like an investment. If properly used and repaired before major damage, they can last a good many number of years. Sadly, with new and cheaper brands coming up in the market, cobblers will soon become the people from a past era. If you love to wear high-quality shoes, taking up the services of these skilled shoe repair specialists may offer you benefit in terms of finance. If our mindset changes and we decide to repair our shoes with customized touch, more and more shoe repairing experts will find employment.

You can repair shoes online in Kolkata as a specialized company is all set to change the way we view shoe repair on roadside. Now, you can contact and consult with the company online, check their work history, before and after images, customizable options and preview the changes. Isn’t Kolkata becoming smarter?

Orthopedic Shoes – The Best Friend for Your Feet

maxresdefaultThose were the days of the past when orthopedic shoes looked dull and ugly. But today, they are the revamped, gorgeous footwear loaded with multiple health benefits. This means, you are left with no excuse to have of these pairs in your shoe rack and pamper your feet when they shout out for ‘comfort’.

Good support

They are designed in a way to cater to your arches, provide cushion to your ankle and even helps in foot realignment. If your work keeps you standing for long hours, you know very well how tiring and aching feet feel like. Besides, those who works in Sector V, Kolkata have to resort on long-distance walks as both the lanes are one way now. In case you feel a great discomfort with every step, it’s time you should give this medicated footwear a try.

There are reliable orthopedic shoes manufacturers in Kolkata that sell stylish, medicated shoes at reasonable prices. You can select from a range of different footwear that have padded tongues, removable footpads, acupuncture pads and more.

Encourage blood flow

If the cause of your foot pain is diabetic nerve, you will get relief by wearing this medicated pair. Orthopedic shoes are a proven medication for diabetic neuropathy. Wearing the comfort shoe will let the foot room to move and work properly.

If you are looking for women shoes Kolkata with orthopedic features, without losing the look and design, contact orthopedic shoes manufactures in Kolkata.

4 Shoe Trends for Summer in Kolkata

Shoes For Men KolkataKolkata’s long hot summer days seems like never ending this year! The more we pray for the rains, the more it’s feeling away. Whether you plan to romance with your partner in Princep Ghat or spend a nice weekend with family, everything flops because of the extreme heat. But, when it comes to fashion, people go gaga over how we Bongs dress.

Today, in this blog we are going to unearth 5 shoe trends both for men and women that are the talk of the show this summer.

  1. Boat shoes

Let the name not mislead you. This is the most versatile kind of shoe because of their countless looks, styles and occasions on which these can be worn. From shorts to trousers, a boat will rock your personality. You can buy these shoes for men online. However, these easy slip on shoes are not just trending in men, but also women are fascinated by the flexibility.

  1. Brogues

Brogues are formal, and closed toe shoes. You might be thinking how can these be included in summer shoe list, but men and women are embracing brogues while going to office, instead of boots. The designs are made in a way that allows the air to pass and dry up sweaty feet. There is a huge collection of shoes for men in Kolkata that boasts different make, model, sizes and designs.

  1. Espadrilles

As the sun climbs higher, the espadrilles come out of your shoe rack, right? They are so comfortable and easy to wear. These shoes come in very unique color, prints and designs, which makes them so preferable in the hot sunny Kolkata’s summer. You can buy espadrilles and other shoes for women online at reasonable prices.

  1. Flip Flops

Flip flops are our all time favorite. What makes them even special is their flexibility to be customized. Yes, you can add heels, back strap, detachable badges and so much more. However, flip flops are recommended only for evening walks and when you are on the beach, i.e. when the heat is not so extreme.

Follow these cool shoe trends this summer and walk in style!

Featured Shoes & Repair Services in Kolkata

Women Shoes KolkataIn the state of Kolkata manufactures of shoes & footwear are expanding, as seen in the lists of traders & merchandiser of footwear in a year. The major experimentation is seen in the section of women footwear Kolkata.

Orthopaedic shoes manufacturer in Kolkata consist of qualified cobblers & designers, technicians of shoes & footwear who work in collaboration with the with the footwear retailors to monitor latest fashion trends and consumer footwear preferences.

The manufacturer holds a special technically advanced unit known as “Shoe Hospital & Repair Clinic” where the team is specially train to take care of torn as well as damaged shoes. The repair clinic service assures that the customers are completely satisfied with their service.

A pick up & delivery facility is provided by the repair clinic. The damaged shoes will be pick up & delivered like a new one after repair at your door step.

The following are some of the types of bridal shoes & sandals manufactured in unit of the industry known as women shoes Kolkata.

  • Pearly Embroidered Flats

A classy & comfort providing bridal shoes. The white colour of the shoes with golden embroidery having pearl in the centre goes perfect with any wedding theme or dresses.

  • Glittery Heels

With a layer of glitter, the white colour shiny shoe leaves its impact with the heels which is slightly more subtle pop of shimmer.

  • Bow sandal

Bow sandal is a DIY (Do It Yourself) type of sandal, which transforms the sandal into footwear for any occasion including wedding just by grosgrain ribbon.

  • Silk Chiffon shoes

Looks much prettier when the piece of Silk Chiffon is tied around the strap, match the colour with the bridesmaids dresses or use silver, gold or white for a subtler look.

The orthopaedic shoes manufacturing in Kolkata is the industrial unit which manufactures the shoes according to the deformations of foot-extra bone growth of heel, arch foot, different sizes of the left & right foot & flat foot.