Online Shoe Repair for Men in Kolkata at Rajdoot

Shoe_Pictures_002.30613027_stdLooking for ways to maintain the investment you have made in your quality footwear? Send them over to Rajdoot and get online shoe repair services in a fast and convenient manner. From dying, cleaning and custom shoe repairing, we do everything necessary to make your footwear look like new again. Your old shoes are handled by our experienced staff who have extensive training and knowledge regarding shoe material and footwear construction, each bringing their unique skills to make sure we live by our online reputation by providing you with the best shoes repair for men Kolkata.

At Rajdoot we understand that it is paramount for you to dress up in your favorite pair of shoes. We provide the regular care necessary to prolong the life and beauty of your footwear. Revive the charm of your old footwear with Rajdoot Shoe Repairs. As the largest company for shoes repair for women online in Kolkata, we ensure to make your heels, boots, shoes, sandals, sports shoes or trekking shoes look brand new again.

Mend your old shoes with sole pasting, full-sole replacement, re-coloring, heels replacement, heels tip replacement, collar replacement, toe replacement or heel layer replacement. Our wide range of footwear services for shoes repair for men online include dry cleaning, inner sole replacement, stitching, half net replacement, net replacement with base, shoe patch, lace replacement and rivets replacement.

If your footwear needs sole replacement, send them over to Rajdoot. Choose the thickness of the sole and we will have it stitched or pasted to suit your unique needs. Experience shoe repair craftsmanship with Rajdoot Shoe Repairs. It doesn’t matter where you live, your box of repaired shoes will be delivered right at your doorstep. Let Rajdoot bring your old shoes back to life. We excel in repairing ballet shoes, platform shoes, stilettoes, platform shoes, sandals, etc.


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