Online Shoe Repairs at Your Doorstep

birros-shoe-repair-gluing-sWE LOVE REPAIRING OLD SHOES:

At Rajdoot we are in love with your shoes, and with the help of our team of trained and certified professionals we happen to be the leading house in Shoe repairing in Kolkata by repairing and maintaining your old pair of shoes. We not only clean and refurbish your shoes, but also restore, repair, stitch and polish your old pair of shoes. With decades of experience in footwear services, we boast of our ability to repair all types of shoes ranging from boots, heels, sandals, slippers, etc. We are experts in adding value to your already valued possession.


Our cost effective techniques never compromise with the quality of our service. Once you place an order with us, our experts evaluate your shoes and provide you with an estimate for your repairs. Once done with the repairing, our experts will check the pair thoroughly before it is passed over for polishing or dry cleaning. Pictures of the final product is sent to you, and only after receiving positive feedback, we dispatch the shoes for delivery. We specialize in removing stains from your shoes. Visit Rajdoot Shoe Repair for shoe laundry in Kolkata.


As the leading name in Shoe repairing in Kolkata, we aim to minimize wastage by breathing life into your shoes again. We repair leather shoes, and offer services in re-lacing, re-heeling, dry cleaning, sole pasting, shoe-net replacement, shoe-patch repair, inner sole replacement, lace rivets replacement and mend your favorite pair in an eco-friendly manner. to help keep the earth clean, we try out best to save your bucks by keeping you out of shopping malls.


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