4 Shoe Trends for Summer in Kolkata

Shoes For Men KolkataKolkata’s long hot summer days seems like never ending this year! The more we pray for the rains, the more it’s feeling away. Whether you plan to romance with your partner in Princep Ghat or spend a nice weekend with family, everything flops because of the extreme heat. But, when it comes to fashion, people go gaga over how we Bongs dress.

Today, in this blog we are going to unearth 5 shoe trends both for men and women that are the talk of the show this summer.

  1. Boat shoes

Let the name not mislead you. This is the most versatile kind of shoe because of their countless looks, styles and occasions on which these can be worn. From shorts to trousers, a boat will rock your personality. You can buy these shoes for men online. However, these easy slip on shoes are not just trending in men, but also women are fascinated by the flexibility.

  1. Brogues

Brogues are formal, and closed toe shoes. You might be thinking how can these be included in summer shoe list, but men and women are embracing brogues while going to office, instead of boots. The designs are made in a way that allows the air to pass and dry up sweaty feet. There is a huge collection of shoes for men in Kolkata that boasts different make, model, sizes and designs.

  1. Espadrilles

As the sun climbs higher, the espadrilles come out of your shoe rack, right? They are so comfortable and easy to wear. These shoes come in very unique color, prints and designs, which makes them so preferable in the hot sunny Kolkata’s summer. You can buy espadrilles and other shoes for women online at reasonable prices.

  1. Flip Flops

Flip flops are our all time favorite. What makes them even special is their flexibility to be customized. Yes, you can add heels, back strap, detachable badges and so much more. However, flip flops are recommended only for evening walks and when you are on the beach, i.e. when the heat is not so extreme.

Follow these cool shoe trends this summer and walk in style!


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